The Case for Living in the Chicago Loop

Almost three years ago, Mr. Dove and I moved to Chicago and rented, site unseen, an apartment in the Loop. “But nobody lives in the Loop!” (sigh) Wrong. It’s one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Chicago with an estimated +17,000 residents.

Chicago Botanic Gardens: Orchid Show

This weekend’s local adventuring took place at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. We had abnormally beautiful weather: 60+ degrees in February . . . in Chicago! So we (and every other Chicagoan) wanted to spend a lot of time outside.

Homemade Candles: When DIY Isn’t (Really) Frugal

I started making homemade candles a couple of years ago. I love candles, but I felt a little guilty splurging on them. I thought making candles would be fun and save me money at the same time. It has been fun, but I recently crunched some numbers and it turns out it hasn’t saved me much money.