Saving Money on Phone, Internet, & Cable

Recently a coworker challenged me to lower his internet and cable bill. I asked him what he paid and then I bet him I could cut it in half. I accomplished this even with his DVR and multiple sports channel requirements.

Book Reviews

Here are the books I’ve read recently and a quick review for each:

Apostle Islands

So now that it’s October, let me tell you about our family trip in September to the Apostle Islands. It sounds like it’s some tropical beach destination, but it’s actually a national park in northern Wisconsin. This trip ticked two of my newish travel goals: visit as many national parks as possible and visit all the cool places in Wisconsin I never knew about until I left Wisconsin.

Financial Milestones

This summer Mr. Dove and I checked off several financial goals. Each time I did a little happy dance in private and felt bursting to share the good news with everyone I ran into that day.

Milwaukee Weekend

A couple weekends ago we took our 2nd annual weekend trip to Milwaukee. As a Wisconsinite, I may be biased, but I love visiting Milwaukee. And this is only my second trip where I’ve been in Milwaukee for something other than the airport or a wedding. It’s an (another) ideal place for beer and food lovers like Mr.Dove and I.

Packing Light

We recently came back from our last adventure – about 2 weeks in Belgium and the Netherlands. More on the trip…

Cincinnati: Bockfest

Last weekend we went to visit our friend, Grey, in Cincinnati. If you haven’t visited the “Queen City” yet you’re missing out on a gem. It’s definitely a weekend trip worthy city, especially for those located in the Midwest. It packs a ton of culture for a small city, including free museums, cool historic architecture, great food, and local beer. It’s also a fairly budget friendly city.

Field Museum: Kids Museum Pass

I planned last weekend’s local adventure to the Field Museum knowing we would be entertaining a kid. Mr. Dove’s dad and seven-year-old brother came to visit whilst his step-mom took a well-deserved vacation. The weather called for indoor activities, which is perfect for visiting kid-friendly museums. (And Chicago has a lot of those.) Unfortunately, museums in Chicago are expensive!


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